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Australian Embassy Envoy Holds Meeting in Padang, Here's the Agenda

Kamis, 31 Maret 2022 | Maret 31, 2022 WIB Last Updated 2022-03-31T09:42:39Z

Thomas Carr (center) Hairunnas and Randy Pranata Putra (foto.doc)
PADANG- Assistant II for Politics at the Australian Embassy (Embassy) Thomas Carr held a meeting with researchers from the Spektrum Politica Institute at the Mercure Hotel Padang, Wednesday night (30/3/2022). He met with two Spektrum Politica Institute researchers, Hairunnas and Randy Pranata Putra


"This meeting is the second time for the Spectrum Politica Institute to become a discussion partner for diplomats at the Australian Embassy in West Sumatra," said Hairunnas.

The first meeting took place in mid-2019 with diplomat Amy Keough.

"This activity is based on a letter of application from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta which sent Thomas Carr as a diplomat covering the field of domestic politics including focusing on legal studies and human rights in a series of working visits in West Sumatra," said Hairunnas.

The topic of discussion by Assistant II for Political Affairs at the Australian Embassy with the Spectrum Politica Institute was about the development of political dynamics in West Sumatra, ranging from issues of democratization, women's representation, civil liberties, to West Sumatra's relations with national issues.

"Besides sharing about the results of the Spektrum Politica research and survey on the tendencies and preferences of West Sumatran voters ahead of the 2024 General Election," said Hairunnas, a researcher at the Spectrum Politica Institute who also serves as Deputy Secretary of the West Sumatra KNPI.

At this moment, Thomas Carr digs deeper into the development and dynamics of politics in West Sumatra, considering that West Sumatra is one of the regions that has historical roots in national politics.

"West Sumatra, the world knows that this area is the birthplace of the founding father of the Indonesian nation," said Thomas Carr.

Many of the founding fathers of this republic came from the Minangkabau realm.

"Of course today is mandatory information for a diplomat's task in enriching and reading the dynamics of Indonesian politics, especially at the regional level," Thomas Carr

In addition, the Spektrum Politica Institute is ready to be at the forefront and collaborate with the Australian Embassy.

"Of course, in terms of contributing to the analysis and discussion of political research conducted by Spectrum Pokitika," Spectrum Politica Researcher Randy Pranata Putra.

Thomas Carr will return to West Sumatra and of course together with Ambassador Penny Williams.

"The following meeting with Spectrum Politica will of course be with the Australian Ambassador directly later, of course regarding issues related to

the issue of the political dynamics of West Sumatra and the national future," said Thomas Carr.(rls/ak)

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